Netfiles Dataroom

Netfiles Dataroom Review

Virtual data rooms are a godsend for modern business companies. They help streamline your business processes, automate your work, speed up any transaction and provide reliable security. While the market is overflowing with different offerings from VDR providers, many companies have already chosen their favorites, one of which is NetfilesDataroom. In this article, we will do a detailed review of Netfiles and its main features.

Netfiles Dataroom – general description

NetfilesDataroom is a company that was founded in 2001 by German manufacturers, and it has tremendous experience as a transaction management software. It is a virtual data room that focuses on mergers and acquisitions as well as research and development. The digital space has extensive access rights and state-of-the-art security methods, also provides audit trail functions that provide the administrator with complete control over all events and activities within the VDR at any time and any place.

Data Room also helps with real estate transactions and financial transactions and has integration with a document viewer and watermarking software, customizable branding, and more. The program interface is designed to be intuitive, even for people with low technology proficiency. The system is fast and seamless, and the security features exceed all expectations and guarantee the integrity of all confidential documents inside the space.

Key Features of Netfiles Dataroom

Netfiles simplifies document management and saves you time by helping to prepare all files for comprehensive review with its document filing features. Employees can upload individual files or even entire folders to a special repository and successfully organize them in a database. The VDR system automates the process of managing document versions to make them traceable.

With automatic indexing, you don’t have to waste time structuring documents, and with a smart search engine, you can find all the documents you need in a fraction of a second. The data room also provides smart folders where only the most current versions of documents are available, along with comments from other users and automatic notifications. Previewing also saves you time searching for the information you need. With it, you don’t have to download a file to view it; it’s available right from your web browser.

Collaborative features such as Q&A improve communication between parties, allowing you to answer your question and solve the problem almost immediately when it arises.

As for security features, VDR has access controls that regulate the ability to view and interact with absolutely all documents. You can prohibit editing, copying, forwarding, and downloading documents if you want to.  Login to Netfiles Dataroom is also secure with double authentication and watermarks serve as extra data leakage protection along with advanced 256-bit encryption.  Documents are also scanned for viruses when they are uploaded to the system.

The Data Room generates automatic reports on the activities of absolutely all users within the Data Room so that you are always aware of what’s going on.

Netfiles Dataroom Pricing

The provider gives its customers the opportunity to try their product for one month absolutely free, and only then subscribe. But even the basic plan has a rather steep price of almost 190 euros a month. The basic plan VDR includes a minimum of ten users, plus advanced security features and other features, about which it is better to check with the provider.