Revolutionize Your Board Meetings with Board Software

Revolutionize Your Board Meetings with Board Software

In the modern world, many business processes are moved to the Internet. Board meeting management is not an exception. This article will explain organizing online board meetings on a secure board software platform.

Board software: from meeting efficiency to results

As a rule, the effectiveness of holding corporate meetings depends on the knowledge of the primary regulatory documents and the competent organization of conferences and meetings following existing methodological recommendations, which, by the way, not everyone knows. The transparency of the process of convening, holding and implementing decisions of shareholders’ meetings and board of directors’ meetings affects companies’ investment attractiveness. Therefore, companies implement digital solutions to enchase the efficiency of corporate management. The board software is one such solution.

Board meeting management software helps companies, including geographically dispersed companies, to organize a meeting according to the company’s internal regulations and regulate the implementation of decisions made during the meeting. Following, this software allows the boards to follow and automate all stages of the board meeting life cycle:

  • Planning of meetings, formation of the agenda: definition of the purposes, tasks and results of the meeting;
  • Choice of the meeting room;
  • Ensuring secure data exchange;
  • Agreeing on the agenda;
  • Informing participants;
  • Management: making decisions, forming a protocol;
  • Execution of instructions following the results of the meeting;
  • Execution control.

So, the meeting management mechanism based on the board portal allows the executive bodies to organize, take into account and analyze the events that are held in the organization, as well as reduce the time for preparing and maintaining the event, ensure decision-making and their timely implementation, simplify the coordination of participation in the event, hold the event in under the plan.

The advantages of online board meetings

The opportunities offered by using online technologies in business communications are enormous. Modern board software solutions gradually reach such a level of video and sound transmission quality that a “presence effect” is created in the communication process and the volume of information perceived through videoconferencing reaches about 90%.

The advantages of online board meetings over face-to-face ones are as follows:

  • Speed and simplicity of organizing a meeting;
  • The ability to instantly share documents, desktop and programs on your computer with all participants, discuss and edit them together;
  • If necessary, connect other participants who are online to the event, wherever they are;
  • Participating in events remotely, including from mobile devices;
  • Connecting to events from the phone;
  • Conducting polls and voting is simple and fast, with automatic analysis of the results in the process;
  • Using chat, including a private discussion between individual participants of the event.

Besides, in today’s world, time is a valuable resource. Using electronic negotiation technology is an excellent chance to save a little time. There is no need to spend it on the road to another city, or country, living in unfamiliar places, etc. Furthermore, no need to waste time and energy on organizing a room for negotiations and people. It will be enough to make a mailing to each employee with a website, the topic and time of the conference.

Many companies still consider meetings held on virtual platforms to be nothing more than an experiment, but as practice shows, it is very successful. This technology has been repeatedly tested and proved to be excellent. It cannot yet completely replace video conferencing, but it makes communication more effective.